Landry calls on Wilmar to strike a fair deal with cane growers before Christmas

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has called on foreign sugar giant Wilmar to strike a fair deal with sugar cane growers in the Sarina district before Christmas. The feisty MP made the call as executives from the controversial Singapore company visited Parliament House in Canberra today for meetings with Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce. Ms Landry said the drawn out dispute over sugar marketing rights between Wilmar and local cane farmers had gone on for far too long – causing local families great stress. “I call on Willmar to ‘man up’ and bring an amicable solution to the sugar contract stand-off before Christmas to give local farmers and the general district a sense of relie

QLD on notice: NO MORE RORTS! Commonwealth uncovers further $50 million of ineligible claims

Queensland’s State Labor government has been likened to a gang of ‘bank robbers’ when it comes to natural disaster relief funding. “They’re’ broke and cash-strapped and so desperate for money that they have been caught out trying to weasel it out of Commonwealth taxpayers,” Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said from Parliament House today. The MP was responding to State Labor MPs claims that Queensland was vindicated over the withholding of $1 billion in disaster relief funding by the Commonwealth, until their claims had been checked by the federal auditors. Ms Landry said contrary to the claims by Central Queensland Labor MPs – the Commonwealth has uncovered a further $50 mill

CQ Croc meat causes a sensation in Parliament House today

Central Queensland crocodile caused a sensation on the dinner plates at Parliament House, Canberra today. Croc meat from John and Lillian Lever’s Koorana Crocodile Farm near Emu Park was part of the menu at the annual Queensland Seafood BBQ in Parliament’s courtyard. Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said the sight and sound of sizzling ‘croc’ caused a sensation alongside Queensland’s best prawns, scallops and fish as well as buffalo snags from the NT. “Thanks to John and Lillian Lever from Koorana Crocodile Farm for taking the time to come to Canberra and provide a taste of their croc meat,” Ms Landry said. “The event showcases our state’s best seafood and highlights issues fac

Landry welcomes $4 million in funds to help Rocky and Livingstone ahead of natural disasters

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has welcomed today’s joint Commonwealth-State funding announcement of more than $4 million for projects to assist the Rockhampton and Livingstone Shires better prepare for future natural disasters. Ms Landry said Rockhampton will get $1.77 million and Livingstone Shire will get $3.83 million. The funding is jointly supported by Federal Turnbull-Joyce Government and Queensland Government as part of a $52.2 million national partnership agreement on natural disaster resilience. “Sadly residents know all too well the detrimental effect of natural disasters that Mother Nature can dish out here,” Ms Landry said. “Funding for local councils will help t

Landry backs solar farm for Moranbah

Fast Facts: Adani will invest $200 million in a solar farm The site is 20km from Moranbah It will generate several hundred construction jobs And 100 megawatts of power for the grid Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry says a $200 million solar farm planned for Moranbah will created new jobs and provide a welcome shot in the arm for the mining town – normally reliant on coal. Adani Energy Company will build the solar plant on 600 hectares of otherwise unproductive grazing land on a local cattle property about 20km from Moranbah. “This is welcome news for the region that will generate hundreds of jobs during the construction phase and maintenance jobs once the plant is fully operatio

Landry calls on coal mining company to save local town

One month out from Christmas, Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry MP has urge Anglo-American Coal not to destroy the town of Middlemount by sacking 83 workers. Ms Landry said she understands that 83 people will be told to take a forced redundancy from its permanent workforce – which would further devastate the dwindling town and surrounding worker catchment areas. The feisty MP has called the company bosses to express her concern and relay the concern of local residents. “Middlemount has taken a battering with the closure of its only bank, the closure of small businesses and the loss of many school teachers as the town goes backwards from the mining slump. “Permanent families have

Why Brittany is caught out lying through her ‘teeth’ once again over public dental funding

The real facts on Labor’s dental scare campaign in Queensland Why Lauga is bizarrely confused over dental funding for Qld. Brittany is caught out lying through her ‘teeth’ once again Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has questioned State MP for Keppel Brittany Lauga’s integrity following a bizarre and misleading Labor campaign over funding for public dental services in Capricornia. “Brittany has been caught out lying through her ‘teeth’ once again over dental services,” Ms Landry said. The hard-working federal MP was responding to a series of media statements in which Lauga attacks the Turnbull-Joyce Liberal-National Government over public dental funding for Queensland – when, i

Feds pour 6 times more cash than State Labor into Beef Australia 2018

The Federal Government is pouring six times as much cash into Beef Australia 2018 than the Queensland Labor Government – despite the fact that the state’s Agriculture Minister lives in Rockhampton. Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry and Federal Member for Flynn Ken O’Dowd have welcomed the state contribution of $500,000 cash (plus additional in-kind support) towards the international expo – but said it paled next to the Commonwealth’s cash contribution of $3 million. “With Labor’s Bill Byrne reappointed as the state’s Agriculture Minister and living in Rockhampton - he should have worked harder to dig up more money for what is Australia’ biggest beef cattle expo,” the MPs said. B

CANBERRA TODAY: A statement from Michelle Landry MP from Parliament House on the issue of casualisat

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry MP is very concerned about the specific issue of casualization in the Central Queensland coal mining sector. As promised, Ms Landry raised this very issue in the National Party room in Canberra this week where there was a solid discussion. Backed by the Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen (Mackay) – Ms Landry had robust talks with her senior colleagues about the issue and how it is impacting on the health and mental welfare of individual workers and their families in Central Qld. She pointed out the numerous letters she has received from people about how casualisation was hurting locals in the western coal belt. She pointed out that it

Landry welcomes State Labor backflip on 100% FIFO, but media forgets it was Labor’s own policy

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry today welcomed state Labor’s backflip on its disastrous 100% Fly in Fly out policy in Central Queensland’s coal sector. But she said people should not forget the ‘dumb’ legislation was brought into law by state Labor MPs in Queensland, with the blessing of the CMFEU. “The action of 100% FIFO had hurt communities in Central Qld - especially in regard to the Daunia and Caval Ridge mines near Moranbah,” Ms Landry said. “It made no sense that local workers were locked out of jobs on local mines because employment was restricted to those who lived in a Brisbane or Cairns postcode. “Shamefully though, Queensland's second grumpiest state Labor MP Jim P

Why Lauga should not throw stones when it comes to reef funding and safeguarding Central Queensland

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has hit back at Labor’s State Keppel MP Brittany Lauga – describing her as having a ‘school girl mentality’ and the political depth of a ‘pizza tray.’ The hard-working Ms Landry was responding to a statement from Lauga that criticised the Federal Government over funding for the Great Barrier Reef. Lauga called on the Commonwealth to match a state reef funding program – despite the fact that the Commonwealth already provides $1 billion more than the Palaszczuk Government to reef management. Ms Lauga also claimed her statement was about safeguarding Central Queensland jobs. Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg made this statement in reacti

Landry gives ultimatum to councils on Rookwood: ‘you want it or you don’t’

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has called on local councillors across Central Queensland to state their opinion on Rookwood Weir – declaring “you either want it or you don’t.” The call was made in Federal Parliament in Canberra today. Fed up with a lack of encouraging support for the project from state Labor MPs, including temporary Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne, Ms Landry said civic leaders –including mayors and individual councillors - needed to ‘clearly and unambiguously’ state their position on the weir. Ms Landry welcomed and acknowledged the strong support for Rookwood from Livingstone Shire Mayor Bill Ludwig and his council team on the Capricorn Coast. However, she w

$635,000 grant for local school building and construction jobs

The Federal Government will chip in $635,000 for a Rockhampton school to build a new multi-million centre that will boost local construction jobs. Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said the funding at Heights College, comes from the Federal Government’s Capital Grants program for major school construction works. “I am delighted that after some lobbying the Federal Government will allocate $635,000 towards new a $2.559 million facility at Heights College in North Rockhampton, which will not only benefit students, but also boost the local construction industry,” Ms Landry said. “The works include the construction of a hospitality centre consisting of a home economics room, a hospi

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