Early Access to NDIS Welcome for Capricornia

Federal Member for Capricornia welcomed the news that people living with disability in Capricornia would receive early access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The Australian and Queensland Governments today announced they are bringing forward the NDIS start date in the next three Queensland regions to roll out, to make the most of unused capacity in the first Queensland regions to transition to the NDIS. “The NDIS roll out is going well in Queensland so far, but there is capacity to now bring forward access to state clients in the next regions in line,” Ms Landry said. “As a result, it’s great news for people in Capricornia that they will benefit from this earlier than expected

Queensland Government incapable of delivering jobs for Central Queensland

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry says that the Queensland Labor Government has shown complete ineptitude in its ability to deliver job creating projects for Central Queensland. “The inability to make a decision on royalties for Adani has delayed contract announcements that would create immediate jobs for our region, putting the entire project at risk,” Ms Landry said. “The Palaszczuk Government has once again shown its inability to get an actual project off the ground. “Central Queenslanders need jobs and they need them now. “After Cyclone Debbie they proved their incapacity to submit appropriate documentation to release cyclone assistance. They took over a year to get the busi

Murray Watt single-handedly boosting tourism in Rockhampton

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry believes Murray Watt is likely falsifying facts on NAIF and the Rockhampton Flood Levee because he enjoys visiting Rockhampton so much. “First he claimed we hadn’t delivered anything for Central Queensland in the budget. In the last week alone we have announced the Hospital Carpark, the Bowen Basin Jobs Package and ParentsNext for the region,” Ms Landry said. “Then he claimed I did not have the ear of Coalition leaders. In the last week alone we have had Minister Nash, Prime Minister Turnbull and Minister Cash in town to discuss key local issues including funding programs and key projects that will create job growth. “Now he on about the levee a

Small Business now eligible for Cat C Grants

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has welcomed the announcement of Category C disaster assistance for small business in Rockhampton, Isaac and Mackay local government areas. “Small businesses and non-profit organisations affected by severe weather and flooding from Tropical Cyclone Debbie can now apply for $25,000 grants,” Ms Landry said. “The grants can be used for such things as undertaking clean-up operations, repairing damage to premises, and replacing stock under Category C of the jointly-funded Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.,” Ms Landry said. “This is a welcome announcement and one that I am sure will benefit a number of severely impacted businesses. “W

$30 Million Bowen Basin Regional Jobs and Investment Package open for applications 31 May

Bowen Basin Local Investment Plan approved Grant round opens 31 May. Funding for local infrastructure, business innovation and skills and training. Minister for Regional Development Fiona Nash together with the Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry, Federal Member for Flynn Ken O’Dowd and Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen announced that the grants round for the Bowen Basin Regional Jobs and Investment Packages (RJIP) will open for applications on 31 May, following the publication of the committee’s Local Investment Plan. “I thank the Bowen Basin Local Planning Committee for their hard work. Their plan is based on local knowledge of the Bowen Basin region. “The Bowen Basin

Yeppoon’s lagoon to come soon

Works have begun on the new lagoon precinct in Yeppoon The lagoon will assist the local economy by encouraging tourism The Coalition Government is investing $2 million towards the lagoon pool through the National Stronger Regions Fund Works have begun on the Lagoon Precinct in Yeppoon as part of the $53 million Foreshore and Town Centre Revitalisation project. Minister for Regional Development Fiona Nash said the upgrade will help stimulate the local economy by encouraging more people to visit the redeveloped Livingstone Foreshore area. “I aim to build the kinds of regional communities our children and grandchildren either want to stay in or come back to, and vibrant town centres are a big p

Delivering $8.3 million for a new livestock export assurance system

-> $8.3 million 2017-18 Budget measure will assist livestock exporters implement the Livestock Global Assurance Program (LGAP) -> The program will work with the current Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) to better protect the welfare of animals by ensuring independent, comprehensive supply chain assessment -> The Coalition Government will remain the regulator of the Australian livestock export industry and all exporters of livestock for slaughter must still be able to demonstrate compliance with ESCAS Livestock exporters will receive support in implementing a new scheme to improve efficiency and competitiveness of trade following a commitment of $8.3 million in the Coalition

An RDO for Labor politicians more important than Queensland Jobs

Federal Member for Capricornia has lamented the behaviour of the Labor Party, failing Queensland by refusing to sit on Friday to pass vital Native Title Legislation. “The Labor Party has decided that having a Rostered Day Off is more important than securing jobs for Queenslanders,” Ms Landry said. “Despite promising in March to pass this vital legislation through the Senate in May, they are instead doing what they do best - delaying and playing games. “Meanwhile thousands of hardworking Queenslanders are waiting for the jobs the passing of this legislation will create. Last week a meeting of the National Native Title Council and all the Indigenous representatives agreed on the changes needed

Budget 2017 presents great opportunity for Capricornia

Budget Comments from Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry: "What this budget delivers for Capricornia is great opportunity to fund infrastructure projects that have been given local priority." "We’re allowing the regions to decide what projects best suit their needs and giving the financial support to build them: A new $272 million fund for regional growth. The government will invest a minimum of $10Million in projects that transform regions. This could include construction of the airport levee, CBD Revitalisation projects, tourism assets and much more. An extra $200 Million towards Building Better Regions to deliver projects under $10 Million. This includes the ability to apply fo

Lauga is not letting facts get in the way of a positive story for the region

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry says the hospital carpark was not on the Queensland Labor Government’s radar until she pushed for it and committed $7 Million during the federal election. “Once again, the Member for Keppel needs to get her facts straight,” said Ms Landry. “The Department of Infrastructure is currently working with Queensland Health. “The latest correspondence was sent to Queensland Health on May 1 requesting information so the funding can be settled. “Any delay in releasing funding is, once again, solely at the hands of Ms Lauga’s own government. “As soon as the information is provided, it will take four weeks for the funding to be released. Ms Landry said that

Budget 2017

The Turnbull Government is making the right choices to ensure our nation’s economic growth story continues, so we can secure better days ahead for hard-working Australians in Capricornia. “Our economic growth has been hard won and we have consistently outperformed the largest advanced economies in the world but we shouldn’t take our success for granted. We are helping hardworking Australians in Capricornia with a plan for more and better jobs, by securing the essentials they rely on and giving access to additional funding to build stronger regions,” said Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry. The right choices for growth that secures more and better paid jobs The 2017 Budget delivers great

Rural and regional Australia a focus of new Skilling Australians Fund

Rural and regional Australia are a focus of a new $1.5 billion Skilling Australians Fund announced by the Turnbull Government that will create an extra 300,000 apprentices over the next four years. Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said the Skilling Australians Fund recognises how important vocational education and apprenticeships are to industries and job seekers in rural and regional areas. “The Coalition has identified growth industries that will be prioritised under the Skilling Australians Fund and that includes agriculture and tourism, which are so important to Capricornia,” Ms Landry said. “This reform provides new opportunities for people in Capricornia to take up apprenticeship

Funding estimator for Capricornia schools launched

A new schools funding estimator is set to help parents, teachers, principals and school communities throughout Capricornia see exactly how they stand to benefit from the Turnbull Government’s new $18.6 billion needs-based schools funding plan. Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said the new online estimator showed that schools across the local area would benefit from a funding increase of $28.3 million between 2017 and 2021. “We’re delivering the real ‘Gonski’ needs-based funding model that Labor didn’t,” Ms Landry said. “This new estimator will give parents, teachers and principals the information they need about our needs-based funding plan to make long-term plans for the futur

Every School in Capricornia set to benefit from Gonsky 2.0

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry says the Turnbull Government’s new plan for schools will see every student at every school receive a funding increase, starting in 2018. Based on better targeted funding and evidence-based programs for local students tied to school reforms proven to boost results, every school in Capricornia will see an additional $112 - $653 per student in 2018. “Our reforms will set Capricornia schools up for the future, and deliver fair, needs-based funding for all Australian students.” “There are no cuts whatsoever to schools in Capricornia,” Ms Landry said. “We’re delivering the real ‘Gonski’ needs-based funding model that Labor didn’t. “We’re increasing th

Giving back to our volunteers in Capricornia

Volunteers from 11 organisations in Capricornia are among nearly 100, 000 volunteers across Australia benefiting from $10 million in Australian Government grants to support community organisations. Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, said the Coalition Government’s investment is delivering vital support to small community organisations. “The Volunteer Grants will assist a range of local groups including the Capricorn Branch of the Queensland Netball Association, Collinsville Amateur Swimming Club, Clermont Men’s Shed, Clermont Pony Club, Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association, Gawula Aboriginal Land Trust, Rockhampton Mallet Sports Club and the Rockhampton High P&C Assoc

Community Legal Centres Welcome Funding

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has welcomed funding boost by the Coalition Government for the Capricornia legal assistance sector as part of the 2017-18 budget. The Turnbull Government will provide a further $55.7 million over the next three years to community legal centres ($39 million) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services ($16.7 million). “This money will help those most in need in our region to access legal services with security of funding to 2020,” Ms Landry said. Ms Landry said the additional funding to Community Legal Centres would directly assist frontline family law and family violence services like the Community Legal Centre in Rockhampton. Commu

Flood Levee: Landry will listen to the wishes of the people

‘We need to approach this rationally, and we need to get this right.’ That’s the consistent message from Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry, who says she won’t commit money to the project until community uncertainty and cost concerns are addressed. ‘I will not bow to Labor pressure – this is about the will of the people and making sure we don’t make the same mistakes of the past allowing so much construction on a flood plain in the first place. “I thank Rockhampton Regional Council for taking the time to show me the location of the levee – it helps to see first-hand where the negatively affected properties sit and to discuss the design in relation to the landscape. ‘However there

So, Where's the Business Case for Burdekin Hydro?

ROCKHAMPTON-BASED MP Michelle Landry has contrasted Labor’s enthusiastic support for a hydro-electricity scheme on the Burdekin Dam with its “go slow tactics” on Rookwood Weir. “The Labor State Government has won the support of the federal Labor party for a $200-million hydro-electricity plant on the Burdekin Dam inland of Townsville but still won’t commit to the Rookwood Weir project on the Fitzroy River near Rockhampton,” Ms Landry said today. “Labor claims it has to wait for a business case before it can commit funds for Rookwood Weir but is there a business case for the Burdekin scheme? Not as far as I’ve heard, there isn’t. “So, why is Labor pushing an unproven proposal in Townsville bu

Landry Urges Prioritisation of Airport Levee

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has urged all levels of government to prioritise development of flood mitigation for the Rockhampton airport. 'The closure of the airport during severe weather events is bleeding the regional economy and telling potential investors that we aren't ready for major development,' Ms Landry said. 'We have heard from business, we have heard from residents and now we are hearing from international developers - the airport closure is a major inhibitor to business and jobs and the airport levee should be a top priority. 'I look forward to working with Council to support long term flood mitigation that is supported by the entire community. However I stron

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