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Landry welcomes State Labor backflip on 100% FIFO, but media forgets it was Labor’s own policy

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry today welcomed state Labor’s backflip on its disastrous 100% Fly in Fly out policy in Central Queensland’s coal sector.

But she said people should not forget the ‘dumb’ legislation was brought into law by state Labor MPs in Queensland, with the blessing of the CMFEU.

“The action of 100% FIFO had hurt communities in Central Qld - especially in regard to the Daunia and Caval Ridge mines near Moranbah,” Ms Landry said.

“It made no sense that local workers were locked out of jobs on local mines because employment was restricted to those who lived in a Brisbane or Cairns postcode.

“Shamefully though, Queensland's second grumpiest state Labor MP Jim Pearce and junior Gladstone union sidekick Zac Beers, forget that it was their own Labor Party - with endorsement from their own unions - that introduced 100% FIFO at these two mines in the first place.

“Judging from the headlines, it appears the media has conveniently forgotten this fact.

“For all of APN and the ALP's glossy backslapping this week - they forgot that Labor Premier Anna Bligh - backed by Rockhampton MP Bill Byrne - legislated for 100% FIFO which hit CQ families so hard,” Ms Landry said.

“All they have done this week is a giant backflip on their own stupid laws. But they were hoping no-one would notice.”


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