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Why Lauga should not throw stones when it comes to reef funding and safeguarding Central Queensland

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has hit back at Labor’s State Keppel MP Brittany Lauga – describing her as having a ‘school girl mentality’ and the political depth of a ‘pizza tray.’

The hard-working Ms Landry was responding to a statement from Lauga that criticised the Federal Government over funding for the Great Barrier Reef. Lauga called on the Commonwealth to match a state reef funding program – despite the fact that the Commonwealth already provides $1 billion more than the Palaszczuk Government to reef management. Ms Lauga also claimed her statement was about safeguarding Central Queensland jobs.

Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg made this statement in reaction to Lauga’s false claims:

"These sorts of comments (by Lauga) do not help give confidence to the public that the reef is being well managed - which it is. The Commonwealth is investing nearly double what the Queensland Government is for the Reef 2050 Plan and that doesn't include the Federal Government's $1 billion Reef Fund," Mr Frydenberg said.

"In June this year the Coalition committed an additional $6 million for a brand new Southern Reef Ranger. This vessel will be a flagship asset within the joint Field Management Program and support improved monitoring, compliance actions and crown of thorns culling work as appropriate."

Ms Landry went onto to also attack Lauga’s own recklessness in ‘safeguarding’ local jobs in Central Queensland.

In statement Ms Landry said:

  • “Labor’s State Member for Keppel continues her rants with school girl immaturity, yet again demonstrating that she is not capable of working together with higher levels of government for the future growth of our region,” Ms Landry said.

  • “If Lauga was serious about safeguarding jobs in Central Queensland then she would back the Rookwood Weir project. That would create 2,100 new jobs and double agricultural production to $2 billion year.

  • “If Lauga was serious about safeguarding jobs in Central Queensland she would not have back flipped and abandoned Great Keppel Island, which would have created 1,500 jobs.

  • “If Lauga was serious about safeguarding jobs in Central Queensland, she and her Labor Government would have signed off on the state’s Adani coal mine approvals much sooner, instead of holding the project up.

  • “If Lauga was serious about safeguarding jobs in CQ, she would not have a played hand in killing off the commercial fishing industry on the Fitzroy River and surrounding Capricorn Coast– putting families out of business and workers on the dole queue.

  • “It’s alarming that Lauga touts herself as the future Agriculture and Fisheries Minister for Queensland. When in reality she has the political depth of a pizza tray,” Ms Landry said.


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