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Business As Usual - Labor Delays Rookwood (AGAIN)

Fast Facts:

  • The Turnbull Government has committed $130 Million to Rookwood Weir million to pay for 50% of the construction cost of Rookwood.

  • An additional $2 million was given to the Queensland State Government complete its final business case for Rookwood.

  • The Labor Member for Keppel has today said that the business case won’t be considered until the 3rd Quarter of 2017.

  • In the same time, both Western Australian and Tasmanian State Governments have completed studies with the projects underway

Queensland Labor is denying thousands of jobs to Central Queenslanders, by confirming more delays to the Rookwood Weir project in Central Queensland.

Rookwood Weir has been described as a “game changer” for Central Queensland. It has the potential to create 2,100 new local jobs in the region, as well as double farming output along the Fitzroy River.

In a further sign of the growth potential for regional Australia, farm production is forecast to leap 8.3% during this financial year, but these opportunities will be lost for Central Queensland as Labor continues to drag the chain.

Labor MP Britanny Lauga confirmed on Facebook yesterday that the project won’t even be considered by the State Government until Quarter 3, 2017.

Hardworking Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry says Labor simply doesn’t want the project to proceed.

“The Turnbull-Joyce Government has now funded the business case, completed EPBC approvals and committed $130 million for Rookwood Weir. We still have no commitments from Queensland,” Ms Landry said.

“This is all for a project that Peter Beattie in 2006 declared would be built by 2011.

“Britanny Lauga is now saying the State Government is working on the Business Case for Rookwood Weir. This is the business case which the Federal Government committed to funding in May 2016.

“In that time, the Western Australian Government completed feasibility studies, committed their own funding and have submitted two applications to the Commonwealth Government for major water projects.

“It’s the same in Tasmania, where the State Government has completed business cases for their water projects, and is now building them.

Agriculture is delivering a record contribution to the Australian economy with exports up 10% and overall production at a record breaking $63.8 billion.

‘Central Queensland will be missing out because the Queensland Labor Government always has an excuse,’ Ms Landry said.

“Queensland Labor desperately wanted funding for Brisbane’s Cross-River Rail without a business case. Why won’t they apply the same urgency towards Rookwood Weir?

“We’re simply asking the State Government to fast-track its business case so we can get on with creating jobs in Central Queensland.

“Hundreds of people have signed my petition for the State Government to get on with building Rookwood Weir. It’s the number one job creating project for Central Queensland.

“The other states can do it. It’s not hard. The Queensland Government just needs to get on with it.

“If Queensland Labor doesn’t want Rookwood Weir, and doesn’t want new power stations to bring down power prices, what does it stand for?”

Under the Palaszczuk Government, vital infrastructure spending for regional Queensland has been cut by $2.3billion while adding an additional $2 billion in bureaucratic wage costs onto the State Budget.

Michelle Landry’s petition to build Rookwood Weir can be found at BuildRookwood.com.au


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