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Rookwood Weir makes waves on World Water Day

  • World Water Day, 22 March, is an opportunity to consider the important role that water plays in human health, economic development, food security and the environment.

  • The Coalition Government is making the most significant investment in water infrastructure in Australian history to drive regional investment, agricultural production and jobs.

  • Water security is at the heart of our nation’s future prosperity, with $8 billion available for more modern and efficient water infrastructure on and off-farm.

  • The federal government has committed $130million to the construction of Rookwood Weir and an additional $2million for the business case.

On World Water Day, the Coalition Government is reaffirming its commitment to supporting greater water security for the health and wealth of all Australians, including the Coalition’s $132 million commitment to the Rookwood Weir on the Lower Fitzroy River.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Barnaby Joyce, said World Water Day provided an opportunity to consider the importance of water to our wealth and way of life. “Water and agriculture are intrinsically linked, which is why the Coalition Government has put them in the same ministerial portfolio. Agriculture is a key pillar of the Australian economy, which is why I have taken it to the second highest office in the country,” Minister Joyce said.

“Under the Australian Constitution, primary responsibility for water management lies with state and territory governments but I recognise that this is an area that requires national leadership. This is why the Coalition Government has created the $500 million National Water Infrastructure Development Fund and the $2 billion National Water Infrastructure Loan Facility. The fund and loan facility are in place to incentivise state and territory governments to fast-track priority projects that will support growth in our agricultural industries and regional communities. Federal Member for Capricornia said that the construction of Rookwood Weir would bring over 2000 jobs to the region.

“An additional 2000 workers in agriculture would provide a flow-on effect for the entire community,” Ms Landry said.

“An additional 2000 workers means more demand for real estate, more demand for retail, more demand for services. That demand puts money into the pockets of small business owners across the region.

“It is also vital for our own water security. Rockhampton’s urban water supply will run out once in every twenty-four years.

“By committing to Rookwood, we are committed to providing a diverse economy that supports growth and water security for generations to come.”


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