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Landry Urges Prioritisation of Airport Levee

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has urged all levels of government to prioritise development of flood mitigation for the Rockhampton airport.

'The closure of the airport during severe weather events is bleeding the regional economy and telling potential investors that we aren't ready for major development,' Ms Landry said.

'We have heard from business, we have heard from residents and now we are hearing from international developers - the airport closure is a major inhibitor to business and jobs and the airport levee should be a top priority.

'I look forward to working with Council to support long term flood mitigation that is supported by the entire community. However I strongly feel that if any project is pursued and supported by the Coalition Government, it needs to be inclusive of all flood mitigation and ensure the airport is prioritised,' she said.

Ms Landry said that a number of industries are directly impacted including tourism, logistics, health care and more.

'We have a great airport with the capacity for it to be the catalyst for international tourism, agriculture and military expansion but this will never see the light of day without flood mitigation.

'The Yeppen Bridge has proven that the Coalition government commitment to improved infrastructure has a positive impact on business.

'We delivered on Yeppen and this saved the economy considerably during Cyclone Debbie.

'It's time now to take the next step and protect another major piece of transport infrastructure,' Ms Landry said.


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