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Every School in Capricornia set to benefit from Gonsky 2.0

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry says the Turnbull Government’s new plan for schools will see every student at every school receive a funding increase, starting in 2018.

Based on better targeted funding and evidence-based programs for local students tied to school reforms proven to boost results, every school in Capricornia will see an additional $112 - $653 per student in 2018.

“Our reforms will set Capricornia schools up for the future, and deliver fair, needs-based funding for all Australian students.”

“There are no cuts whatsoever to schools in Capricornia,” Ms Landry said.

“We’re delivering the real ‘Gonski’ needs-based funding model that Labor didn’t.

“We’re increasing the funding from between $1332 - $12,771 per student over the next ten years and we’ll end Labor’s 27 special deals with states and territories, unions and non-government school leaders that distorted need and meant schools had to wait up to 150 years to get their fair share of support.

“While we know a strong level of funding for schools is vital, what’s more important is how that funding is used.

“David Gonski will lead a new inquiry into improving the results of Australian students focused on the most effective teaching and learning strategies to reverse declining results, and seek to raise the performance of schools and students,” she said.

Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham said the Turnbull Government’s plan would transform Australian schools.

“Our plan will set students on the path to academic excellence and achieve real needs-based funding for students from all backgrounds, in every town and city, in every region and state, in every classroom,” Minister Birmingham said.

“Our changes will ensure all schools and states transition to an equal Commonwealth share of the resource standard in a decade, unlike the 150 years of inequity that current arrangements would entail.

“We’ll ensure schools are funded fairly. That means 24 schools in the nation’s highest socio-economic areas will receive a reduction in per-student funding over the next ten years and for the first time using the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data for Commonwealth funding decisions on students with a disability. This will ensure that need drives funding allocation, and end the different definitions of disability that exist between jurisdictions.”

For further details of the Turnbull Government’s Quality Schools reform package are available at: www.education.gov.au/qualityschools


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