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Murray Watt single-handedly boosting tourism in Rockhampton

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry believes Murray Watt is likely falsifying facts on NAIF and the Rockhampton Flood Levee because he enjoys visiting Rockhampton so much.

“First he claimed we hadn’t delivered anything for Central Queensland in the budget. In the last week alone we have announced the Hospital Carpark, the Bowen Basin Jobs Package and ParentsNext for the region,” Ms Landry said.

“Then he claimed I did not have the ear of Coalition leaders. In the last week alone we have had Minister Nash, Prime Minister Turnbull and Minister Cash in town to discuss key local issues including funding programs and key projects that will create job growth.

“Now he on about the levee and NAIF. NAIF is well on track especially considering the due diligence required for such large sums of money. In fact it has taken far less time to get NAIF underway than it took Labor to issue its first loan for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.”

Michelle Landry has consistently stated, with her words reiterated yesterday by the Prime Minister, that funding for the South Rockhampton Flood Levee would be considered once conditions were met. They include:

  1. Inclusion of the airport levee

  2. Council explains its funding model including land acquisition or compensation for negatively impacted landholders

  3. There is community support now that Council has decided that everyone should pay the same amount for construction and maintenance. This is contrary to their own reports that state a key objective of the levee is to increase the value of land in Depot Hill (p.5 and p.41 of the Feasibility Report) and that positively impacted landholders would pay a contribution.

“The Gold Coast based Senator has a sudden obsession with Rockhampton. He has been instrumental in blocking new jobs for Central Queensland while blatantly trying to win votes for Labor. Apart from pointing fingers, what is he actually doing here?” Ms Landry said.

“I think if Senator Watt was so concerned about Central Queensland, he should have worked an extra day to pass legislation in the Senate that would open up thousands of jobs for Central Queensland. Instead, he voted to take an RDO.

“He has shown zero understanding of this region and zero respect for the people who live and work here.

“Thanks to Senator Watt, new jobs for Central Queensland will be delayed. Instead of working an extra day to give Central Queensland what they want, he flies in from the Gold Coast to tell everybody in Rockhampton what they should think.

“This is opposition for opposition’s sake and nobody in Central Queensland is going to benefit from his negativity and politicisation.

“On the plus side, I hope his frequent visits from the Gold Coast are a boost for local tourism operators and I hope next time he brings some other visitors and stays long enough to get to know the region.”


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