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Flood Levee Survey to start next week

  • Survey will take place from 4pm-7pm Monday Thursday over the coming weeks

  • 4 Questions will be asked and the results made public

  • 3600 people need to be surveyed so getting the message out and encouraging people to answer the phone is appreciated

Federal Member for Capricornia is making true on her promise to listen to the people of Rockhampton, with the flood levee phone survey starting at 4pm on Monday June 5.

“The objective of the survey is very clear – I want to find out, in a transparent and unbiased way, what the people of Rockhampton want to pursue for flood mitigation,” Ms Landry said.

“We have taken measures to ensure we cover a range of suburbs and demographics in the Rockhampton Region local government area.

“We have kept the questions simple and have not used language that leads people to answer in a certain way.

“A local team will be undertaking the survey and they have all been provided with training to input data,” she said.

Survey Questions

The South Rockhampton levee will cost $60 million plus annual maintenance and land acquisition. The current proposal is for the State and Federal Government to pay $25 Million each. Council will contribute $10 Million from their overall budget.

  1. Given this scenario, do you support construction of the South Rockhampton Flood Levee? (Yes, yes but depends who pays, not sure have concerns, no, I don’t know enough about it?

  2. How do you think the project should be funded (can tick multiple boxes)

  3. Rates

  4. By rate payers in flood plain

  5. Taxpayer money

  6. I don’t support it

  7. In order, where do you think flood mitigation is most important? 1. Gladstone Road 2. Depot Hill 3. Airport 4. North Rockhampton (numbered boxes)

  8. Do you have any concerns: safety, reliability, impacted landowners, cost, maintenance, other (can tick multiple boxes)

  9. For the integrity of results and to keep you updated, are you able to provide an email address or mobile number?


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