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Landry vows to respect wishes of Capricornia’s majority on Same Sex Marriage

Despite the Senate failing to give all Australians a voice on Same Sex Marriage, Federal Member for Capricornia says she will continue to respect the wishes of Capricornia in any future plebiscite or vote.

“At the last election we promised to give every Australian a say on the issue of same sex marriage,” Ms Landry said.

“There are some issues that are so special and personal, that I believe are best decided by all Australian people.

“Marriage is the most intimate relationship between two human beings and the views of every man and woman in Australia on this topic are of equal, if not more, importance than the views of the 226 senators and representatives in parliament.

“For six years while in power the Labor Government did absolutely nothing to progress the issue and are now using the very personal topic of marriage to blatantly score political points.

“As I promised the people of Capricornia, I have continued to support the view that a compulsory plebiscite is the best way forward.

“Our preference was to deliver on that commitment through a compulsory attendance plebiscite as per the Plebiscite (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill 2016 (the Plebiscite Bill) and for such a plebiscite to take place on 25 November 2017.”

Today the Prime Minister gave notice of a motion in the Senate to give the Senate the opportunity again to support a full compulsory plebiscite on those terms this week.

“They have failed to pass this, and have failed to give Australians a voice on this very personal matter,” she said. “Labor and the Greens have shown their contempt for all Australians, so the next best option is to go to a postal plebiscite.

“The Government will proceed with a voluntary postal plebiscite for all Australians enrolled on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll with final results known no later than 15 November 2017.” The Commonwealth has the necessary Constitutional power, and the ABS and the Australian Statistician have the necessary statutory power, to request information from Australians enrolled on the electoral roll about whether or not they agree that the law should be changed to allow same sex couples to marry.

“In the case of a positive result in support of change under either approach, the Turnbull Government would enable consideration of a relevant Private Member’s Bill.

“As I have promised, I will continue to support the preference of my electorate by voting the way the majority of the people in Capricornia vote in the postal plebiscite.”


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