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Stop the politics, people just want answers on the levee

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has today revealed preliminary results of the South Rockhampton Flood Levee Survey, with the responses revealing a divided community who just wants answers.

“We have received data on the first 405 survey results and it shows that support for the levee would be high if Council would answer the concerns people have over land acquisition and what will be done for dispersed water into previously flood-free properties,” Ms Landry said.

“We want to continue being open and transparent with the results and the information gathered in the hope that Council and the State Government will address these concerns, and let everyone move forward with planning.

“I remain committed to seeing the Airport Levee developed as this is a clear priority for the region, and I will happily work with Council to find the right funding mechanism for this to happen,” she said.

Ms Landry said that it was very clear that Council had not resolved or discussed land acquisition or compensation with the people who will be impacted by the levee.

“Council is refusing to answer people’s question, particularly those who want more detail on their personal circumstance,” Ms Landry said.

“I urge Council to release information on land acquisition and to hold public forums where people can directly communicate with the engineers – ideally with the ability to have a one on one conversation with an expert on specific property cases.

“This needs to be free of political interference.

“We will continue with the survey, but I do think that if Council follows the process and does the right thing by the people, then we will work towards finding a solution for the airport and South Rockhampton.

However, the federal member did raise issue with the inconsistent approach of the Member for Rockhampton.

“I would like to know where the Member for Rockhampton’s mystery survey comes from and have to question why the Mayor of Rockhampton is publicly endorsing the results – there is obviously a high level of collusion between the two.

“It’s especially odd given the Mayor, when asked if she would like to work with our office on our survey, said flatly that enough consultation had been done.

“So it appears that consultation for the people of Rockhampton is only valued if it comes with Labor Party bias.

“ReachTel has not published results of the mystery survey on their website, so I can only assume Bill Byrne does not want anyone to know the number of people surveyed.

“It is also evident that the survey was only concerned with knowing people’s opinions based on their voting preference.

“We have respected the views of all political persuasions through our survey. Not only have we omitted any questions on political preference, but have used data for the entire region without concern for where people sit politically.

“This is about what is best for the region, about listening to the people and making sure that concerns are addressed before proceeding,” Ms Landry said.

Additional Information:

Details of survey as of Wednesday June 14:

  • 3,664 have been spoken to and asked to provide their opinion on the levee

  • 1639 people have completed the survey in full

  • 2,025 have taken the call on the issue but have declined to take the full survey

  • On average 1 quarter of phone numbers called have picked up the phone.

Survey results summary from first data set of 405 people:


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