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CANBERRA TODAY: A statement from Michelle Landry MP from Parliament House on the issue of casualisat

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry MP is very concerned about the specific issue of casualization in the Central Queensland coal mining sector.

As promised, Ms Landry raised this very issue in the National Party room in Canberra this week where there was a solid discussion.

Backed by the Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen (Mackay) – Ms Landry had robust talks with her senior colleagues about the issue and how it is impacting on the health and mental welfare of individual workers and their families in Central Qld.

She pointed out the numerous letters she has received from people about how casualisation was hurting locals in the western coal belt.

She pointed out that it was unfair that a worker on a permanent contract and a worker on a casual contract worked side by side doing the same job, but the casual employee did not get access to holiday leave, sick leave or family leave (in the case of a sick child or family emergency). Some are forced to work even when they are sick, or else they don’t take home a pay packet that week for their family to live off.

This week, Ms Landry also had discussions with senior Ministers about casualisation/labor hire, including with the Federal Minister for Resources.

Ms Landry cautioned about union strikes. She said people should realise that in reality, the unions have allowed casualisation to occur under their watch and were complicit in what we are now seeing currently occur in Central Qld.


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