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National Energy Guarantee to Bring Down Power Prices in CQ

The future of Central Queensland power generation has been further secured this week, under the Turnbull-Joyce Government’s new National Energy Guarantee.

The policy will deliver cheaper electricity for Central Queensland families and businesses, by requiring energy companies to produce electricity from dispatchable sources, including coal.

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry said the NEG will encourage investment in all forms of power, including from coal.

“Everywhere I go in Central Queensland, the number one issue raised with me is skyrocketing power prices.” Ms Landry said.

“I understand families and businesses are doing it tough, and this Guarantee will deliver much needed cost-of-living relief.”

“The reality is we need cheaper power to secure the mining, meat processing and manufacturing jobs in our region.

“We are going to make sure that there is reliable capacity of baseload power, to bring energy prices down and keep people in a job.

Rockhampton-based Senator Matthew Canavan said the policy will ensure the lights stay on this summer.

“This policy is designed to give certainty to investors, including those that are seeking to build state-of-the-art High Efficiency, Low Emissions coal fired power stations,” Senator Canavan said.

“This will secure the future of coal in our region, and provide certainty to our energy-hungry industries around Gladstone.

“The Queensland Labor Government remains fixated on an unachievable, unworkable renewable energy target, that Bill Shorten wants to replicate across the country.

“And we know what the result of this is. Under Labor, Queensland has now taken the mantle of having the most expensive power prices in Australia.

“When Queensland Labor talks about renewable targets, they’re talking about shutting down our manufacturing sector and putting hard-working men and women out of a job.

“The LNP still believes in blue-collar workers, and we are doing everything in our power to bring prices down and ensure the security of manufacturing jobs.”


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