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572 Days of Dithering and Incompetence on Rookwood Weir

The feisty Member for Capricornia has reacted angrily to news that the State Labor Government has been hiding a positive report on Rookwood Weir.

This follows news today that the Palaszczuk Government received as assessment from the Gladstone Area Water Board which demonstrates Rookwood Weir will have major economic benefits to the region.

“While people in my electorate have been crying out for the State Government to back them, Labor has been sitting on their hands and ignoring this report” Ms Landry said. “The Labor Government should have imminently released this report to the public”.

“This demonstrates there would be significant nett economic benefits to the CQ region from the investment in building Rookwood Weir.”

Ms Landry raised the question of how many reports the government had not released.

“How many more secret reports is the Palaszczuk Government hiding?” Ms Landry said.

“First there was the secret report on the coal-fired power station, which shows positive economic benefits for a power station built in regional Queensland.

“Now we discover there is another secret report they were hiding, showing positive benefits from Rookwood Weir.

“How many more are there?”

A furious Michelle Landry, who has been pushing for Rookwood Weir, and the jobs bonanza - since being elected in 2013 is disgusted with the inaction and hiding of the report.

“I committed $130 million – half the cost of construction – to build Rookwood Weir. That was 572 days ago! Since then, the State Labor Government has dithered about and now it’s confirmed that they hid a report that was supportive of the project!”

“Rookwood Weir isn’t some ‘pie in the sky’ idea – it’s 200-400 jobs during construction, 2,100 jobs ongoing from the $1 billon boost to Agriculture in the Fitzroy basin.

“The leaked report shows that of the 52,000 hectares in the Lower Fitzroy River, more than 40,000 hectares are downstream of the Rookwood Weir site. Imagine hectares and hectares of high-value crops being grown right here in Capricornia.

“Imagine the economic boost to the region. Imagine the jobs boom for our region – and now imagine how any Government could stand in the way of that!

“Mark Bailey has a lot to answer for here. Either he knew about this report and wilfully ignored its recommendations – or he failed in his Ministerial duties and never bothered to look at it.

“The choice is clear – a Labor Government will dither and ignore projects vital for Central Queensland, where the LNP back Central Queensland and has committed to start building Rookwood within 100 days of Government”.


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