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Showcasing CQ With Pines For Parliament

The hard working Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, loves the sweet juicy pineapples grown in her hometown of Yeppoon.

Ms Landry has followed through on her promise to showcase the produce of Central Queensland by delivering a Yeppoon Pineapple to every MP and Senator this week. ”This week I’m delivering Yeppoon Pineapples to every Senator and MP to showcase our region.” Ms Landry said “We are well known for our amazing beef – which is world renowned as some of the best steak available and brings tens of thousands of visitors to Rockhampton for Beef Australia every 3 years.

“And we have some of the best coal deposits in the world – with Central Queensland coal being exported around the globe, delivering energy for industry and families worldwide

“But it is our pineapples, grown in the fields throughout the Capricorn Coast, that put’s Capricornia on the map!

“Many don’t realise, but Tropical Pines, with its headquarters in Yeppoon, supplies about 45% of Australia’s demand for fresh pineapples. These pineapples are sold throughout Australia, from local greengrocers to big supermarkets and are enjoyed by all.”

“The industry employs hundreds of Central Queenslanders, from backpackers and local farmhands, growers, trucking companies and those at the packing facility in Yeppoon. Over 4 million pineapples go through the Tropical Pines packing facility a year, with the industry delivering a $13 million boost to our local community”

“The pineapples delivered to Members and Senators came off one local farm in Yeppoon, were harvested on Wednesday, packed in Yeppoon on Thursday and delivered Monday – you can’t get much fresher than that!” Ms Landry said.

Tropical Pineapples Sales & Marketing Manager Joe Craggs said their produce is a selection of some of the best fruit from the Central Queensland region.

“They are grown on the northerly slopes of selected farms to utilise all of nature’s most favourable assets,” Mr Craggs said.

“This will enable us to produce pineapples that are perfect in size, shape and most importantly flavour.

“Pineapples from Yeppoon have been famous for years and now we want to represent the strengths of the region in a product that celebrates the provenance, and promotes the region’s excellent growing conditions.”

Ms Landry has been pushing for Rookwood Weir, with it’s 2,100 jobs and $1 billion boost to the Agricultural sector to help make Capricornia the northern food bowl of Australia.

“Rookwood Weir has the opportunity to turn acres and acres of grazing land into high-value cropping land. Land producing Macadamia nuts, soya beans, chick peas and a whole range of crops.” Ms Landry said.

“Imagine the boost to the local economy with the $1 billion boost from Rookwood Weir, on top of the marvellous efforts from growers like Tropical Pineapples”.


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