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Blackout Bill Puts Batman Before Blue Collar Battlers

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, has blasted Labor Leader, Bill Shorten for his insensitive approach to touring the regions.

The hard-working MP said today’s media opportunity highlighted “Blackout Bill’s” out-of-touch approach to providing jobs for Central Queenslanders.

“While Mr Shorten’s commitment to the Yeppoon Rd is a positive offering, it doesn’t go anywhere near addressing the thousands of jobs Labor is placing at peril in the Galilee and Bowen Basins.

“Building a road provides some construction jobs locally but let’s be honest about the devastating effect Labor’s hunt for inner-city green votes has on Central Queenslanders.

“Shorten’s comments, matched with the state government’s policy to block a federal loan they applied for, destabilises one of this country’s greatest economic development opportunities.

“Jobs for real, blue collar workers, like those here at SMW, used to be the raison de’tre of the ALP, but this current mob are so tied up with the Greens they are willing to place these vital jobs at peril.” Ms Landry said.

Ms Landry also noted Mr Shorten’s support for her pet project, Rookwood Weir.

“It is intriguing to see Bill finally get on board with Central Queensland’s number one infrastructure project, Rookwood Weir.

“I have fought tooth-and-nail to get this project up and now that it is close t fruition, Mr Shorten would like to take credit for it; how stupid does he think Central Queenslanders are?

“The only reason he is talking about Rookwood is that he has stabbed CQ’s miners in the back and has an Infrastructure spokesman looking to do the same to him.

“The contempt the ALP has showed Central Queensland is intense and people are sick of being sold out for the sake of inner-city votes,” said Ms Landry.

“Mr Shorten’s ramblings today are commitments for an election more than a year away, and one he knows he may not see as leader.”


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