Vision for Capricornia

What Michelle Stands For

The Resources Industry

I have always understood the value of the resources industry to both our local and national economies. In the 2019/20 financial year in Capricornia, the resources industry has contributed around $1.1 billion in wages and 7,335 full-time jobs, with $2.7 billion spent on goods and services purchased locally.

The Labor Party continues to lay siege to the resources industry, with mining jobs and projects in their sights. They continue to oppose new mining projects, coal-fired power plants and telling the hardworking men and women in the industry to reskill. But only myself and the Liberal-National Party truly support mining jobs in Capricornia.

Job Security

I have been working for Capricornia to deliver more jobs for our community. My priority for Capricornia is employment and the delivery of stronger jobs growth. We need our local agriculture, manufacturing and small businesses to prosper so they can create jobs and employment to allow our communities to prosper.

The Liberal-National Government’s plan is to help more people relocate outside our cities and will encourage younger people to stay in rural and regional areas.

We also need to cut the cost of red and green tape because this will help our local businesses to grow which will boost productivity and jobs growth.

Water Infrastructure

Central and North Queensland need significant water infrastructure investment to improve water security and open up agricultural opportunities. The Liberal-National Government has provided the funds needed to get several water projects moving in Central Queensland such as Rookwood Weir and Urannah Dam.

I have worked hard for Capricornia demanding the Queensland Labor Government agree to accept federal funding and to get these projects started.

Road Safety

Road safety is vital to regional areas for many people like myself who spend most of their professional life driving on regional roads.

The Federal Government announced new road safety upgrades and improvements to be delivered in Queensland thanks to the Australian Government which has allocated $225 million to Queensland under tranche one of the $2 billion Road Safety Program.

There are nine projects in Capricornia that will be receiving funding, including an upgrade intersection along the Peak Downs Highway between Clermont and Nebo on Wolfang Road West and strengthening works on Bee Creek Bridge.

This funding will deliver key lifesaving improvements such as shoulder sealing, rumble strips to alert drivers they are moving out of their lane, median treatments to prevent head-on collisions and barriers to prevent run-off-road crashes and protect against roadside hazards. Additional works under tranche one the $2 billion Road Safety Program are required to begin and finish by 30 June 2021, improving safety and supporting around 950 jobs in Queensland.

Queensland unfortunately saw a 26 per cent increase in road deaths in 2020, despite the falls in traffic due to the pandemic.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility right through all levels of government to all of us who use the road, which is why the Australian Government is investing heavily in road safety upgrades across Queensland and all of Australia. In total, the Australian Government has committed up to $225 million and the Queensland Government a further $64.6 million to fund the state-wide upgrades. Of this $289.6 million total, $267.4 million has been earmarked for regional Queensland.

The Australian Government’s funding for the Road Safety Program will deliver lifesaving measures on regional roads and to protect vulnerable road users across the Queensland while also supporting local jobs and providing a welcome boost to local economies.

I will continue to work with all levels of Government and fight for funding and initiatives to ensure the roads in Capricornia are as safe as they can possibly be.

For more information on the Australian Government’s road safety initiatives, visit

Delivering Regional Services

I believe that all Australians should have access to an affordable, quality health care system, regardless of whether they live in the city or the country. Our local health system desperately needs more doctors.

The Liberal National Government have rolled out a number of initiatives through the Stronger Rural Health Strategy. Some of these are the More Doctors for Rural Australia Program & the Rural Junior Doctor Training Innovation Fund – for more information click here

The Liberals and Nationals in Government have supported regional Australia through recent drought, bushfires, floods and the COVID-19 pandemic and the Government considers it more important than ever that we continue to back our regions through targeted support by boosting community infrastructure.

The 2020-21 Budget included $41 million for a Securing Raw Materials Program and a Research Development Program that will broaden the Australian Government’s approach to decentralisation and create regional jobs.

The budget also included announcing Round 6 of Stronger Communities Funding and also Round 5 of Building Better Regions Funding, these two funding opportunities bring so much to the regions allowing community groups to expand or build much needed infrastructure to keep their clubs or organisations running well.

I have also been working hard for Capricornia to improve communications. This includes more and better mobile coverage funded through the Mobile Black Spot Program. Round 6 will be opening soon and I will be fighting for Capricornia to receive our fair share.

Delivering Community Projects

Community Organisations are the backbone of regional communities like ours and we see thousands of people across our electorate volunteering to keep these organisations running.

I work hard ensuring Capricornia gets our fair share and our community organisations are not left behind. To view a detailed list of delivered Community Projects click the link to the Community Projects Page.

Election Commitments

I’m committed to seeing the Capricornia region grow and prosper to provide a diversity of industry and jobs. The Coalition Government has supported my commitments by providing record investment in roads, bridges, dams, and community infrastructure.

My 2013 election commitments where fairly modest yet still included some major projects like Flood Proofing the Bruce Highway into Rockhampton ($136 Million), replacing 5 country bridges in Mackay and Isaac council areas ($38 Million) and major safety upgrades at Eton Range on the Peak Downs Highway ($166 Million).

2016 delivered significantly more funding and jobs for projects including Rookwood Weir ($130 Million), Walkerston Bypass ($120 Million), Gracemere to Rockhampton duplication ($60 Million), Bruce Highway upgrade of Northern Subburbs ($14.5 Million) and the Rockhampton Hospital Carpark ($7 Million).

My 2019 election commitments continued on the big spending with the Yeppoon Convention Centre ($20 Million), Rockhampton Art Gallery ($10 million), Urannah Dam kick start ($10 Million), School of Mining and Manufacturing in Rockhampton ($23.5 Million), Stanage Bay Road Upgrade ($21.6 Million) and Rocky Stadium and Ballroom ($23 Million).

To view a full list of my election commitments click the link to the Election Commitments page.

Priority Projects

Rookwood Weir

2,100 Jobs, $176 Million committed

Bowen Basin Jobs Package

$30 Million Job Recovery Initiative

Urannah Dam

$3 Million – Feasibility Study

$10 Million to go towards the Business Case – to be completed August 2021

Shoalwater Bay

$1 Billion Defence Deal


Moving Jobs to the regions

Galilee Basin

Development of Coal Mines to increase jobs, while investing in HELE Coal Fired Power Stations to lower electricity prices.

Commitments Delivered

Rockhampton Ring Road

A new ring road will link the Bruce Highway through Rockhampton extending from the Capricorn Highway to the Rockhampton-Yeppoon Road and Bruce Highway intersection, with a new crossing of the Fitzroy River at Pink Lily.

$1 billion
($800 million in federal funding)

Eton Range Realignment Project

An upgrade and realignment of 3.5km of the Peak Downs Highway through the Eton range section to address safety concerns. The range has been upgraded to 4 lanes, added a split carriageway for part of the range and reduced the grade to improve safety and efficiency.

$189.26 million
($166.17 million in federal funding)

Rookwood Weir

A much-needed water project near Gogango, which will provide 86,000 ML of water to landowners, graziers and landowners. This project will provide water security, boost the regional economy and create job opportunities during construction.

($183,600 million in federal funding)

Walkerston Bypass

The bypass will deliver a new 2-lane rural highway to connect the Peak Downs Highway to the Mackay Ring Road. It will become the designated heavy vehicle route for B-double and other multi-combination vehicles, including A-double road trains.

$150 million
($120 million in federal funding)

Rockhampton Northern Access Upgrade

The project will deliver the duplication of 4.9km of highway through Parkhurst and Glenlee. This will provide a strategic link through Rockhampton to Brisbane and Cairns.

$194 million
($155.2 million in federal funding)

Yeppoon Convention Centre

Development of a 1000-seat convention centre, car park and hotel in Yeppoon, which will attract business and leisure events to the Capricorn Coast. The development stands to grow the tourism industry and create local jobs.

$20 million in federal funding

Beef Australia 2021

Australia’s premier international beef and cattle expo, which typically attracts over 100,000 domestic and international visitors, generating $75 million in spending in the Central Queensland economy.

$3 million

Bruce Highway Overtaking Lanes

Construction of new overtaking lanes along the Bruce Highway in areas that lack overtaking opportunities. Overtaking lanes were added to high-speed two-lane roads in situations where overtaking slower vehicles is possible.

$100 million

Yeppoon Road Duplication

Delivering targeted upgrades including duplicating problem sections of the Rockhampton-Yeppoon Road

$80 million
($64 million in federal funding)

Lighthouse Christian School

New classrooms, storerooms and covered outdoor learning areas.


Rockhampton to Gracemere Duplication

Widening from two lanes to four lanes approximately 5km of the Highway between Rockhampton to Gracemere.

$75 million
($60 million in federal funding)

Barmaryee Multisport Precinct

Stage 4 – Netball Courts. Sealing and lighting of 8 turfed netball courts at Yeppoon to add to the existing six sealed courts.


Rockhampton Airport

Assistance to Rockhampton Regional Council and Alliance Airlines to construct a new maintenance and repair facility, creating 225 jobs and injecting $30 million into the local economy each year.

$25 million

Upgrades to Southern Approach to Mackay

Duplication of the Bruce Highway to four lanes from Temples Lane to the existing four lanes at Boundary Road and the upgrade of six intersections

$49 million

Traffic Signals in Rockhampton

Installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Glenmore Road and Main Street in Park Avenue. Included installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Derby Street and East Street.

$2.9 million

Stanage Bay Road

Upgrades to Stanage Bay Road, which runs from the Bruce Highway to Stanage. Works include widening and sealing of approx 39.7km of unsealed road between Bruce Highway and Stevens Road Access Army Gate.

$21.6 million

Fraser Park Amenities Block

Construction of a new amenities facility to help develop the area as a tourism hotspot for the region.

$1.1 million
($600,000 in federal funding)

Collinsville QCWA Hall

Demolition of current community hall in Collinsville and replacement with multi-purpose insulated shed.


Overtaking Lanes on Capricorn Highway – Rockhampton to Emerald

Construction of six overtaking lanes on the Capricorn Highway between Rockhampton and Emerald.

$19 million
($15 million in federal funding)

Yeppoon Swans AFL Club

Upgrading the oval’s lighting at the Yeppoon Swans home ground.

($146,200 in federal funding)

Sarina Northern Access Upgrade

Upgrades including the installation of a roundabout at the Sarina Beach Road intersection, with pavement rehabilitation on the immediate approaches.

$14.36 million
($11.5 million in federal funding)

Clermont Showgrounds

Additional stables, picnic tables with disability access sealing and upgrades to grandstand shading.


Ice Epidemic Action Plan

$631,000 funding boost under the Australian Government’s National Ice Action Strategy to combat the Ice epidemic locally.


Singapore Defence Deal

Capricornia will benefit from $1 billion on more troops, and military infrastructure at Shoalwater Bay = CQ retail and tourism boon.

$1 Billion

Yeppoon Foreshore Redevelopment

Parklands historical and educational attraction dedicated to the ideals of optimism, resourcefulness and resilience.


Bruce Highway North Rockhampton

The first of a $100 million federal contribution to improve Bruce Hwy northern access into Rockhampton.

$13.5 Million

Capricorn Helicopter Rescue

Contribution towards new Capricornia Rescue chopper hangar

$2.3 Million

Eton Road Upgrade

Upgrade of the Eton Range trhough the Peak Downs Highway including 4 lanes

$166 Million

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