Bowen Basin Regional Jobs and Investment Package

Michelle aims to help build the kinds of communities our children and grandchildren either want to stay in or come back to, and investing in sustainable local jobs does just that. $30 Million Bowen Basin Regional Jobs and Investment Package opened for applications on 31 May, following the publication of the committee’s Local Investment Plan.

The Bowen Basin’s Local Investment Plan will ensure that projects funded align with local priorities.  This is a great opportunity for the communities of the Bowen Basin to submit applications for key projects that will boost the local economy and create jobs.

The Local Planning Committee has developed a Local Investment Plan that will create sustainable jobs for the future in Bowen Basin.  Now that the Local Investment Plan is done, applications from the Bowen Basin region can roll in, including from businesses who can apply to the Business Innovation stream.

The package will harness the broad range of skills in the Bowen Basin to create more jobs. The Coalition invests in regional Australia because the Coalition understands the cities cannot exist without our regions, which supply cities their water, food, electricity and gas.

This will provide the Bowen Basin region with a much-needed $30 million shot in the arm.  

Funding will be available across three streams: Local Infrastructure, Business Innovation and Skills and Training.  For more information and to read more about the Local Investment Plan for Bowen Basin visit the Regional Jobs and Investment Package website.

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