It is crucial that every part of Australia benefits from the economic growth and jobs that government agencies and jobs can deliver to local communities. While many regions are doing well, some are not experiencing the same levels of economic activity. The Government’s consideration of options for further decentralisation of Government jobs will be focused on benefiting regions through local job creation and economic diversification.

The creation of new regional government jobs will bolster the local economy, with far reaching benefits to small business, schools and transport services.  Every addition local job creates a flow on effect for business to service new residents.

It is vital for Central Queensland to be heard by city-based Labor politicians who are attempting to block the decentralisation initiative.  Regional centres like Rockhampton are ideally positioned to service government offices.  We have the technology, the transport networks and the lifestyle and with improved communication systems it is now time that our regions see the benefit that our city counterparts have enjoyed for years.


On Wednesday 19 April 2019, the Minister for Regional Development announced that the Coalition Government will commence a process of carefully considered decentralisation of Commonwealth agencies and companies.

By mid 2017, the Minister for Regional Development will develop criteria for Government Ministers to assess which departments, functions and entities in their portfolio are suited to decentralisation. Based on the criteria, all portfolio Ministers will need to report back to Cabinet by August on which of their departments are suitable to be moved to regional Australia. Relevant Ministers will need to report to Cabinet with robust business cases for decentralisation by December.  The template for business cases will be developed by the Minister for Finance in consultation with others.

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